"Paint Together" Workshops are 45 minute workshops that help you express your feeling through art. 

This is a unique period. We're living with fears and doubts. The "Paint Your Pain" team has launched this initiative to help people deal with the unique emotional challenges associated with the Corona virus pandemic.  
During this workshop you will be guided through a process to help you express your feelings about these challenging times and connect with people from around the world.   

Hi! My name is Sarvenaz Sohrabi, the founder of the "Paint Corona Pain" initiative.  I'd like to invite you to one of our special FREE on-line art workshops.  They're designed to help you deal with the emotional challenges we're all facing during these extraordinary times.

Paint Together Worshop:

  • 30 minute on-line workshop
  • Step by step guidance
  • ​No previous "artistic" skills required
  • Use any tools. Just need paper
  • ​Join from anywhere in the world 
  • ​Share your artwork in our virtual gallery

Let's use the power of art to come together.  To heal. To connect. 

I'm so happy you found your way here! 
Hi, I'm Sarvenaz Sohrabi. I'm an artist, a researcher in the field of Art & Health and the project lead for the "Paint your Pain" project run out of The University of Southampton. I decided to launch the Paint Corona Pain initiative as a way to help us all deal with the emotional stress and trauma we're living with on a daily basis as a result of the Corona virus pandemic. 

I've seen first hand the healing power of art and I wanted to share this with as many people as possible. Through Paint Corona Pain my aim is to help as many people as I can and through the collection of the images of your feelings and better understand how Corona virus is affecting us all, so as a society we can provide the type of support we need to help us all recover from this difficult situation.

Thank you all for your interest and support.  Be safe and be kind. 

Sarvenaz Sohrabi

Artist. PhD Student in Fine Art. Research in Art & Health

The workshop is for anyone...

  • Families looking for a fun activity 
  • Children trying to understand 
  • ​Front-line workers
  • ​Elderly wanting to connect 
  • ​Carers of all types
  • ​Artists & non-Artists 

Let's Create Together 

Share your work on our virtual gallery. 
Join the community as we share our feelings through the are we create

Paint Corona Pain is an initiative linked to the "Paint Your Pain" project.  Paint Your Pain is an ongoing project run out of the University of Southamption that helps provide a better representation of pain.  People create a pictoral representation of pain related to any illness.   The project then analyses the artworks by detecting differences in shapes, colours, brush strokes, size of drawings, etc.  Each painting tells the story of different types of pain and emotion. 

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